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8035 Greiner Road, Williamsville, NY 14221 716-689-0599

Toscana's Sports Spa

& Gentleman's Getaway

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Whether you prefer it high and tight or long and flowing, our professionals are skilled at determining the right cutting techniques for your hair type, face shape, and desired style.


Clipper cut or scissor cut; either way, you'll walk out looking like a million bucks!


Men's Cut: $25 Daily (starting price)


Our Sports Pedicure includes a cut, shape & hydrate cuticles, a soreness massage, warm towel wrap, and men's matte clear polish if you want it.                                     

                      Sports Pedicure $46 Daily


Our Sports Manicure includes a cut, shape & hydrate cuticles, and a tension relief hand and arm massage, and finished with a men's matte clear polish.                       

                     Sports Manicure $20 Daily

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Men need facials, too. Men's skin is very different than a woman’s due to the fact that it is thicker and that shaving is an exfoliant! Men's skin is prone to blackheads and clogged pores mostly on the nose and forehead area and the safest way to get those pores cleaned out is with a professional facial treatment.


More and more men are enjoying both the skin benefits and relaxation that a facial can offer. Go for it, guys!  


Fitness Facial $70 Daily


Release muscular tension and relieve pain with our Deep Tissue Massage. Perfect for sports injuries and chronic muscle pain.                       

                                            1hr Deep Tissue Massage $85 Daily


You may prefer our Swedish Massage which increases circulation and overall relaxation.


                                  1hr Swedish Massage $75 Daily


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Want to be a model? Contact us for details!