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Salon Services

All hair services include consultation, shampoo, conditioning and blow dry. All prices listed are starting prices and may vary depending on Stylist and length/condition of hair. We do provide free consultations for new and existing clients prior to any service. Our Stylists are required to complete a minimum of 100 hours each year in seminars to continue their education and stay up-to-date on the latest techniques.

Shampoo and Blow Dry $30
Hot Tools Styling add on $10
Updo $50
Black-tie Updo $75

Hair Cuts:
Women $45 (Senior Stylists $50)
Girls (under 10yrs) $25 
Men $25 (Senior Stylists $28)
Boys (under 10yrs) $15

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Full Foil $115(Senior Stylists $125)

All-Over Color Balance $80
Partial Foil $90

Perms $75

Single Process (Roots) $60

Single Process (Men's) $25
Additional Color add on $25

Eye Brow Color $17

Conditioning Protein $150
Conditioning Hot $50

Aveda Remedy Treatments $15

Condtioning Cold $20
Glass Vile $10


 Hair Extensions and Keratin Relaxers:
Prices available upon consultation

Basic Application $35

A custom-fit styling of foundation, eyes, lips, and cheeks.


Black-tie Application $50

With attention to photosensitive details, we will apply a photo-finished or theatrical quality look.

Lesson & Application $75

Let our experts teach you step-by-step how to apply the look you desire. We will apply the look to one half of your face and walk you through applying it to the other.


Strip Lashes $25

Simple temporary stip of lashes.


Spa Services

Before and after all massages, facials, and body treatments you must drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. These services are detoxifying and water will aid in the removal of toxins. Several of our rooms have private showering facilities. Please request one of these rooms when you book your appiontment if you wish to bathe after your service. You will need to arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to fill out a health form.


Age Defying Facial $120
Its age-defying benefits are its most powerful lure. Refines skin texture, smoothes lines and wrinkles. Strengthens collagen fibers, tightening and toning the skin.  Protects and rejuvenates the skin.

Toscana Luxury Facial $85
A customized European facial that will treat your specific skin conditions.  Dehydrated, oily, sensitive, or skin in need of firming will benefit highly from this facial.

Acne Facial Treatment $75
These treatments will be customized for oily or dry acne. Both treatments will diminish blemishes and eliminate bacteria trapped in the skin.

Sinus Relief Facial $75
Deeply cleanses the skin while simultaneously clearing the sinus cavity and respiratory system.  The pressure point massage releases fluid trapped in the sinus cavity causing puffiness and dark circles to subside. For more chronic conditions add cold stones for an additional $10.00

Men’s Fitness Facial $70
Deeply cleanses and restores the skin leaving it refreshed and radiant.  Especially beneficial to skin affected by shaving or sun exposure.

Bella Mini Facial $50
Basic facial cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.

Facial Enhancers: add to facial $25 each
Enzymatic Peel
Lift Me Up Eye Treatment
Re-elasticizing Mask


Ask about our seasonal facials! Each season puts different wear and tear on your skin. Restore your skin's hydration through repair of the summer sun's damaging effects or prepare for the dry winter months. Limited Availability. Call for details.


Eye Lashes:
Eye Lash  Extensions $150

These lashes are applied with surgical glue and will last up to three weeks.


Eye Lash Re-Fill $75

Body Treatments:

Detoxifying Seaweed Body Wrap $85
Balances water retention and cleanses the skin  by unlocking fluids and toxins trapped in the tissues. Stimulates healthy circulation for an overall firming and toning effect.

Thermal Fat Burner $80
Stimulates the internal cleansing process to increase the body’s ability to burn fat.  The skin and body will be toned and tightened.

Exfoliation Treatment $75
Prompts the regeneration of skin cells, increases circulation and helps prevent in- grown hairs.

Stress Relief Back Treatment $75
Ideal treatment for chronic muscular neck and shoulder tension. The treatment calms the nerves and balances the stress levels as it unlocks the fluids and toxins that cause pain.

Acne Back Treatment $70
Unlocks the follicle opening and thoroughly cleanses the skin on the back to prevent future breakouts.

Paraffin Body Treatment $25
add to any body treatment.



Sugaring is the ancient art of hair removal perfected by the Egyptians. Sugaring is more comfortable and hygienic than waxing. However, we do offer waxing for clients that prefer that method.


All prices are starting prices:

Eye Brow Shaping $18
Lip or Chin $13
Full Face $40
Bikini $35
Brazilian $60
LA bikini $45
Full Leg $70
1/2 Leg $40
Full Arm $35
Underarm $25
Back $50

Chest $45

Shoulders $25

Male Brazilian $85 


Couples Massage 60min$160, 90min$230

Side By Side Swedish.

Hot Stone Spa Massage 90min $125
Relieves tense muscles and sore joints through the placement of warm stones.

Deep Tissue Massage 60min $90,

90min $125
Releases muscular tension and relieves pain. Perfect for sports injuries and chronic muscle pain.

Aromatherapy Massage 60min $85,

90min $120
Pure essential oils used to stimulate the senses and heal the body. Applied pressure will relieve pain.

Swedish Massage 60min $80, 90min $115
Increases circulation and overall relaxation.

Prenatal Massage 60min $80

Increase circulation and lymph flow. Not recommended for 1st trimester.


Mediterranean Sea Spa Manicure $25
Hydrates skin, relieves tension, cleans and softens cuticles, buffs nails.

Anti-Aging Manicure $35
Improves skin tone, evens pigmentation, increases skin renewal, reduces signs of aging.
UV Gel Polish Change $40
Removal of long wearing UV Gel polish and new application of UV Gel polish.
UV Gel Polish without Removal $35
UV Gel Removal and Dry Manicure $30
Lacquer Polish Change $13
Paraffin Hand Treatment $10

Men’s Sports Manicure $20

Cut, shape and hydrate cuticles, a tension relief hand and arm massage, finished with a men’s matte clear polish.

Hand Facial with Polish Change $25
Cleansing and softening warm towel wrap and massage.

Mediterranean Sea Spa Pedicure $46
Nourishes and hydrates skin, improves skin tone and color. Relaxing soak and warm towel wrap.

Men’s Sports Pedicure $46
Cut, shape and hydrate cuticles, a soreness massage, warm towel wrap, finished with a men’s matte clear polish.

Hot Stone Pedicure $55
Relieves tense muscles and sore joints with the use of hot stones.

Foot Facial with Polish Change:

Cleansing and Softening warm towel wrap and massage.

Lacquer Polish Change $15
Paraffin Foot Treatment $10